What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential dispute resolution process.


A mediator is a trained facilitator who creates a safe place for the conflict to be discussed and resolved.


What happens at a mediation?


The parties to a conflict come together and agree to honor guidelines for a civil discussion.


Each party is given a chance to: 

  • identify the issues as they see them 

  • state their concerns 

  • suggest outcomes they could live with

  • and work towards a solution that they can live with.

What's so great about mediation?


Mediation is usually a faster, more economical method for resolving conflicts than the courts can provide and doesn't require a legal proceeding to be effective. 


For more information on mediation or to find out if mediation could be a solution for you contact Marcy at resolve@marcyeinhorn.com.


Marcy's conflict resolution services promote self-determination in resolving all sorts of conflicts whether that involves businesses, families, consumers, neighbors or almost any other setting. Parties to a conflict actively engage in defining the problem, stating their goals and designing problem-solving methods that suit their situation. Through proven conflict resolution techniques people who are motivated to find a solution they can live with move from hardened positions that keep them locked in the conflict to fact-finding and interest-based solutions. For more information on how mediation works be sure to scroll through the blog posts on this website or contact Marcy here.

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