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Important decisions can create conflicts with the ones we love


Marcy Einhorn provides personalized conflict resolution services to elders and their adult family members and support team. After working as an attorney in traditional law, Marcy recognized the need for a new approach to resolving conflicts for elders that recognizes the need for economy, efficiency and confidentiality. Contact Marcy here for more information about her services.

Marcy Einhorn,


About Mediation

Mediation is a confidential dispute resolution process.


And a mediator is a trained facilitator whose sole purpose is to create a safe place for the conflict to be discussed and hopefully resolved.


What happens at a mediation?


The parties to a conflict come together and agree to honor guidelines for a civil discussion.


Each party is given a chance to: 

  • identify the issues as they see them 

  • state their concerns 

  • suggest outcomes they could live with

  • and work towards a solution that they can live with.

What's so great about mediation?


Mediation is usually a faster, more economical method for resolving conflicts than the courts can provide and doesn't require a legal proceeding to be effective. 


For more information on mediation or to find out if mediation could be a solution for you contact Marcy at

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