Your RH: You Really Should Have Considered Mediation for Elders

What could be worse than a loved one, and a 6th degree heir to the throne, cutting you off and leaving the country for good when you and the Duke are in your 90's? I'm sure I could have helped. Dear Queen; did you ever hear of mediation? It's a confidential process (I know how important that is to you) facilitated by a trained neutral facilitator (as in no biases towards anyone) and is economical (I'm pretty sure that's an issue for you too) and efficient. With the right mediator, family legacy and inheritance planning issues can be discussed in a safe and impartial manner, where everyone is heard (very democratic) and the elder's interests take center stage. It's not too late!!! You should definitely give me a call, or better yet text me, or find me on Whatsapp, and let's talk.

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