What is Elder Mediation? and why is it special?

As we age we need to make decisions about so many things we used to take for granted.

Whether we've noticed a change in our comfort level driving long distances or in unfamiliar places, changes in our physical strength and endurance, or the need to shift assets around to secure our health and well-being over the long-haul, important decisions can trigger difficult conversations with our loved ones, who may have very different ideas about what the best course of action is in any of these situations.

Mediation is a confidential conversation facilitated by a professional mediator who has been trained in the fine art of dispute resolution. A mediator has no vested interest in any particular choice you may make. Instead, mediators act as neutral, confidential facilitators whose goal is to create a safe environment where an elder and his or her loved ones can have a sane discussion about the pros and cons involved in any difficult decision.

Elder mediation differs from other types of mediation in that the people involved in the discussion are usually interested in meeting the elder's wishes and desires above all else and are committed to maintaining their relationships with the elders, and even with each other if other family members are involved, despite the ultimate outcome of the mediation.

Elder mediation is different from litigation in that it goes beyond the limited choices offered in the "win-lose" setting of litigation, allowing everyone to think outside the box and come up with resolution strategies that meet the elder's needs and get beyond any historical differences that may exist between family members, with the added goal of maintaining the families connections beyond the immediate decision-making challenges..

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