Still Driving After all these Years?

Updated: Jan 28

I frequently run workshops to introduce elders and their families to problem-solving through mediation. One of the practice modules we use in the workshop involves a discussion about helping an elder decide whether or when to give up their car keys. Participants quickly realize that it is a delicate balancing act between caring about the welfare of the elder and people who might get hurt by their driving and the elder’s need for autonomy and independence. In a recent post on the Long Island Alzheimer and Dementia website, author @DanaCastoria discusses the sensitive issues that need to be considered when a loved one’s dementia is affecting their driving. Dana reports that the telltale signs that it may be time to intervene are:

-slow response time

-difficulty judging distance and space

-trouble remembering road rules

-reduced reasoning abilities.

Go here for the full list of considerations and Dana’s thoughtful article.

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